Financial Policies

Financial Policy

You will find a copy of our Financial Policy on the Forms Page for you to download. Please read this carefully.

We must highlight that we DO NOT split bills. This applies to divorced parents who bring their child(ren) to therapy. This also applies to anyone who may want to split the cost of therapy with someone else. Payments are entered into our system under the patient's name, so we cannot keep track of who has paid, how much, and when. We will bill one parent, and that parent must collect from the other parent. We are not subject to your court orders. Thank you for understanding. 

Informed Consent

No Show/ Late Cancellation Policy

  • Our therapists' time is as important as yours. Avoid that $80 No Show or Late Cancellation charge by calling, emailing, or texting if you need to cancel your appointment. 
  • If you text or email, please do not provide more information than necessary for us to cancel your appointment. 
  • Use our regular number to text (309) 692-7755. Leave your name, appointment date and time.  

Sliding Fee Policy

  • This option is for those who do not have insurance or have insurance which we are not in network.
  • The calculation for this discount is based on your family income and family size. This is reviewed yearly. 
  • Because we are contracted with insurances, we are obligated to bill insurance. Therefore, if at any time while you are on Sliding Fee, and you acquire insurance, you must let us know immediately. If not, we must charge you the full fee for all sessions that were covered under your new insurance. 

Psychological Testing

  • Psychological testing is $350 per hour. This includes face to face time with the psychologist administering the tests, paper tests, computer tests, scoring, interpretation, and write up time. The combination of tests is determined by the psychologist after the diagnostic interview. These are all billable to insurance. 
  • Report Fee: this fee covers the cost of the report itself. This is not covered by insurance. This fee is also charged to Self Pay clients.
  • Review of testing: This session will be a separate appointment to discuss testing results and recommendations. This session is billed as a regular visit to insurance as it will include treatment recommendations. 

Court Ordered Psychological Evaluations

Court ordered psychological evaluations for various purposes (such as custody, competency, etc.) are charged at Full Fee. Insurance will not cover testing related to court issues. Depending on the complexity of the testing, the cost can range from $1000 to $3000. 

If the evaluator must attend court or give a deposition, the rate is twice the regular visit rate: $396 per hour port to port for 2018. This charge is separate from the testing cost. 

2018 Fee Schedule