Who We Are

Since 1974, our team of clinical psychologists, professional counselors, and social workers has provided quality care for the whole person. We work with area physicians, attorneys, court services, and pastors to bring healing to the lives of children, adolescents, and adults. 

Philosophy and Purpose

We believe that optimal living requires attention to emotional, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of health. When these dimensions function in harmony, individuals are free to experience contentment and loving relationships. If the balance in these dimensions is upset, frustration and conflict often result. Sometimes these conflicts are not resolved, and they produce more extensive emotional problems. 

Collectively, we provide two-fold psychological care:

  • The care which aims to restore the person from a distressful state of debilitating thoughts, feelings, and/or behavior to at least previously acceptable levels of functioning.
  • The care which proposes to assist the individual in growing beyond previous levels of​ functioning.

It is the intent of each of our professional therapists to assist every person in developing skills for resolving problems. We provide clinical treatment and support while carefully attending to the individual's sprituality.